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Truck Financing

Running a successful business takes much dedication and smart decision-making. Your finances and cash flow must be in proper working order to ensure a successful operation. Your Great West Casualty Company agent has been a trusted business partner in making sure your truck fleet insurance plans reflect your operational goals. Now, your Great West agent can also be your source for equipment financing through Old Republic Financial Acceptance Corporation (ORFAC).

ORFAC was formed in 1985 as a subsidiary of Old Republic International Corporation. In examining the trucking industry, ORFAC saw an opportunity to provide simple, affordable equipment financing. So in 1999, ORFAC began offering commercial financing services specifically designed only for Great West customers.

ORFAC focuses on your equipment financing needs. We offer many benefits to our Great West customers that are not found in traditional financing institutions. Such benefits are:

1) One-Stop Shopping - Because ORFAC is offered through your Great West insurance agent, Great West customers have the ability to obtain a loan with their insurance purchase. This saves customers the hassle of having to get a loan at another location.

2) Competitive Interest Rates - ORFAC offers industry-competitive financing that is appealing and affordable.

3) Free Credit Approval - There is no cost or obligation associated with applying for an ORFAC loan.

4) Exceptional Service - Your Great West agent is committed to giving you the highest level of customer service you have come to expect.

The last thing you need when applying for a loan is a long, drawn out approval process. With ORFAC, each loan application is processed within 24* hours. Our employees are committed to prompt and concise loan processing. One of their main objectives is to make sure your waiting time is kept to a minimum.

When a customer completes a credit application for new or used equipment, it is returned directly to ORFAC. Once received, loan processors will conduct the necessary background checks. Usually within 24 hours of receiving the application, the customer is notified whether the loan is approved or not.

When a loan is approved and all loan contingencies are cleared, the closing documents will be sent directly to you. You will then return the closing documents to ORFAC after you have reviewed and signed them, and the loan will be finalized.

Your Great West agent enjoys doing business with you and looks forward to providing you with this value-added service. If you are currently a Great West Casualty Company customer and interested in applying for equipment financing, click the button below to fill out an application.


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